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Whats in a name?


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This is a different sort of rating community, or at least a sort that I've never seen before. Rather than judging you on looks, or musical taste, or your views on world politics, we judge you on how much your parents loved you. Did they give you a cool name? A sweet name? A powerful name? Step in and find out . . .

The Rules

  • Tell us your name (duh . . .) Give us your full given name (what your parents named you, first, middle, and last), but if you go by a nickname or you just took a different name for yourself, give us that too.

  • Tell us how you came by those names. Are you the fifth in a line of Williams? Named after the hotel you were conceived in? We wanna hear it.

  • Give us the meaning of your name. We'll look it up in various places anyway, but sometimes we're lazy so save us the trouble and give it to us upfront.